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Find out EVERYTHING about ANY ONE!
Any where in the world!

  Investigator 2000 is a compilation of search resources and databases not found on search engines.

Access the top databases that real investigators use - all in one place!

Receive step by step instructions on how to do your very own Background Searches!

Lifetime Access only $9.99!

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Find the dirt on Any one!

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Public Records Master Search - Search Public Records from around the world, plus all 50 States!

Every county has it's own Public Records search system, search them all with ONE tool!

Search thousands of unique databases!

Genealogy - Research your family's history.  Investigator 2000 has hundreds of

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Find a persons address, age, relatives, telephone number, even a cellphone number.  Find out who their Neighbors are, Marriage Records, Past Addresses, E-mail Addresses used, even old E-Mail Addresses.

Find Property Owned, Judgments, Lawsuits, Liens, Divorce Records, Vital Records, even search License Plate Numbers and More

Even find if the person owns a PO Box, find their middle name, criminal record and more!

Find the owner of a cellular telephone number.  

Find Unclaimed money!  Investigator 2000 connects you with the top unclaimed money databases!

Be your own investigator!

We have the most complete Inmate Locator resources online.  Search with the Leader!

Verify Education resources, Search Holocaust databases and more!

Search Military Records from the 1800's to Present.

Access all Newspapers from around the World.  Search Patent and Trademark Databases, Professional Licenses and More.

Find Missing People!

Search Weather Records and More.

Genealogy databases, from around the world!

Vessel and Passenger Search from the 1800's - to Present!

Military Records - Search from all branches!

Search Drivers Records, Driving History, Vehicle History and more!

Search Taxes, Mortgage Records, Judgements, Liens, Financial Records, Deeds, and much more!

Find out who lives at an address. Find Present and Past Addresses.

Search Property Tax Records from all 50 US states!

Search Cemetery Records, from around the World!

Investigator 2000 walks you through doing your very own investigations!



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