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Investigator 2000 was launched in 1999.  We have the best search resources and do your own background search resources.  Investigator 2000 was remade in 2020 to include worldwide search resources.  We have one of the most thorough and complete Public Record and Background search resources any where.
I went to Penn State University and majored in Management Information Systems.  In my junior year, I began Investigator 2000.  After staying current with market for 20 years, I am confident our new and improved venture will be successful.


A little bit more about myself, I joined the U.S. Navy when I was eighteen years old to obtain more discipline for college.  It worked!  I traveled on one RIMPAC and one WESTPAC, minesweeping exercises.  Once there were dolphins jumping out of the water as far as the eye could see, which was really fun.  I was Honorably Discharged in 1995.

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